sustainable tourism

The traditional handcrafts work represents the unique cultures of the area and provide the areas the income they require through selling crafts to the tourists who come to the area therefor in this criteria we have founded the muhabura cultural experience and craft centre where the people of kigezi collect their products and are marketed through the centre to tourists going for gorilla tracking and the artisans groups you can book our cultural experiences, shop hand woven baskets, mats, etc and support the livelihood of local communities near bwindi and mgahinga national parks visit our site at https://muhaburaculturalexperienceandcraftcentre.com/

Refugee artisans empowerment

Refugee artisans empowerment is a programme of Raising the artisans.co.limited that is established to promote the products of the artisans and farming refugees using the principles of fair trade

why does this

when the wars and disaster happens the refugees free from their countries to settle in un known and families environment and some have no job to support them and families they flee along with in so doing they starve therefore the refugee artisans empowerment programme was initiated so as to help the artisans and farmers to find an alternative means of livelihood using their skills in this criteria we have found the artisans refugee groups in refugee camps in Uganda, like nakivale, kyanwali and their produce’s are marketed at our center